A Civil Marriage Celebrant, as a qualified trained and professional person, is authorised to conduct your marriage ceremony in a manner that meets the legal requirements – any time and any place as desired.

This includes a range of matters – such as ensuring that your ceremony contains certain mandatory words; the correct completion of your Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) and all other marriage documents; and the lodging of your marriage documents with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages – is done in such a way that they comply with the Marriage Act 1961.

Apart from ensuring that your ceremony contains every aspect that makes it legal, as a Marriage Celebrant I will also assist you in personalising your ceremony and, to this end, will offer some choices as to what you may like to consider for inclusion in your ceremony.

I can offer you a range of resources to assist you in this process. This is not to say that you cannot write your own vows and indeed, if you would prefer to write your own ceremony, I would be pleased to help you in this endeavour, and most importantly, would still ensure that your ceremony complies with all the legal requirements.

The obligations placed on Marriage Celebrants are outlined in a Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants.


To what extent can our family and friends participate in our marriage ceremony?

Your family and friends may participate in your marriage ceremony in a number of ways such as giving away, candlelight ceremony to performing readings – examples of which I can provide you with.

However, their participation does not extend to the legal requirements which can only be fulfilled by a Marriage Celebrant.



How much does a Marriage Celebrant cost?

In considering the budget you plan to set aside for your Marriage Celebrant, you should note that the time I spend  at your wedding is only “the tip of the iceberg”.

I fulfil a very important part of your wedding, a significant highlight moment in your life.  Think of the cost in terms of making an investment: one which ensures that you engage a quality experienced Marriage Celebrant and, as such, the cost is only one aspect to be considered.

I spend  a considerable period of time on you and your ceremony and am always available by phone or email to discuss any aspect or concern you might have in relationship to your big day.

My fee is all inclusive of legalities, preparing ceremony, performing ceremony, travelling to and from venue, registration with Births, Deaths and Marriages and paying and applying for a registered certified copy of your marriage certificate which is mailed to you from the Registry after the wedding. This document is required to as proof of marriage when the bride changes her surname of documentation e.g., bank account, license etc. Always keep the marriage certificate you are presented with after the ceremony in a safe place as this is a legal document and proof of your marriage. You have to provide your birth certificates if born in Australia, passports if born overseas, divorce papers if previously married or a death certificate.

I perform a simple “run-through” of final aspects of your ceremony with you (as opposed to an on site rehearsal per se) at my home office or by phone whichever more convenient. If requested by you, I will conduct a rehearsal for you.  However this will be an additional fee for this service.

My long experience has shown that couples can easily run through with their bridal party how to ‘walk down the aisle’ simply. I always am present 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to ensure all is ready and the groom and his party are well-versed with their role. The bridesmaids simply walk down and stand on the opposite side of the groom’s party.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your planned wedding day.